Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in Land.

1. Land is a Finite Resource

There are no new lands being created! In the USA, we are limited in terms of land. While land is a precious and finite resource with only a limited supply available, buildings can be replaced and torn down.

“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.

— Mark Twain, Writer

2. Land Gives You Peace of Mind

The well-behaved “golden child” of investing is land. It is impossible to steal or destroy land. You don’t have to exert any additional effort. Nothing needs to be preserved, updated, or renovated. Nothing needs to be “done.” Land will always have some value in its natural state!

3. Land is a Tangible Resource

Unlike shares or stocks, land cannot be lost or destroyed. Land will still be something even if everyone decided tomorrow that money is simply a piece of paper with no real value. Regardless of the state of the global economy, it will be something real and tactile that is yours. Although money and its worth can fluctuate, ownership never does.

4. Land has Low Competition

There is little rivalry in the real estate sector. Most investors (especially those with large amounts of wealth) are concentrated on the flashy and glamorous parts of real estate investing, such as condo developments, house flipping, multi-unit properties, and condo towers. Since practically everyone is concentrated there, it is not their fault.

These approaches fill up TV channels and sell out conferences around the nation. But sometimes you have to be where others aren’t in order to succeed.

5. Land is Inexpensive to Own

Owning land is a cheap long-term investment. There are no utility or mortgage expenses. The finest internet bundle is free of additional fees. No roof need replacement.

It is not necessary to have property insurance, even if you choose to buy some. Property taxes are quite low; I’ve seen lots with $3/year property taxes. FOUR DOLLARS! That amounts to less than a coffee cup. Your asset discreetly increases in value in the background while costing you nearly nothing.

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