Vacation Rentals


Tired of booking numerous hotel rooms for different people? Want to have the ability to cook your own meals while on vacation? We got you covered! We at Magna offers short- and long-term vacation rental accommodations that are fully furnished and equipped with great amenities.


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    Complete Privacy

    Vacations should be a time to unwind and enjoy yourself in total privacy. Our properties provide you with your own space you can utilize the way you want to.

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    You Get Your Money’s Worth

    It has become very challenging to enjoy your own space while on vacation due to the rising costs of some hotels, which is where we come into play! You won’t have to overblow your budgets on expensive hotels. We offer competitively low pricing and uncompromised services.

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    There Is Space for Everyone

    Our properties are large and spacious, with enough bedrooms to accommodate big groups.


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    Feels Like Home

    Even though you may be on vacation, you’ll still feel at home because of the hospitable, cozy, and homey atmosphere you’ll experience with our properties Everyone can stay together in total privacy, just like at home, with their friends and family!

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    No Utility Costs

    We cover for the utility costs. There are no additional expenses to be concerned about.

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    Housekeeping and Cleaning Services

    We feature housekeeping and cleaning services that goes beyond just providing clean beds and towels to include straightening and organizing several living spaces.

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    Customer Service

    We are on hand around-the-clock to attend to guests’ requirements and will go above and beyond to ensure your comfort.


* Is there a minimum stay?

The minimum stay is 3 days. If you’re planning on a longer stay, we offer flexible easy extensions and no hidden fees. Some properties may require longer stays due to local restrictions.

* What are your rates?

Rates are dependent on location, length of stay and time of year. Please contact us at ‪(804) 234-4579 for more information.

* Where are your properties located?

We have furnished rentals in almost all the states across US. Please check with us for availabilities in your specific cities.

* Are pets allowed?

Pets are permitted with an additional cleaning fee.

* What utilities are covered?

All apartment rentals include a utilities allowance for gas, electric, local telephone calls, and basic cable.

* What time is move-in/out?

Move-in time is after 4pm. Move-out time is 11am. If you need to make special arrangements, please call Guest Services at (804) 234-4579.

* How do I pay for my booking?

We accept most major credit or debit cards and bank transfers.

* How do I make a reservation?

You may make a reservation by filling out our Online Reservation Request Form. You may reach out to us at for more details.

* Is security deposit required?

There is a minimal security deposit required depending on the length of your stay.